New Fiscal Relationship

Here are some materials to inform you about the dialogue related to forming a New Fiscal Relationship between First Nations and the Government of Canada.

Notes from 10 Year Grant Information Session, Kamloops, May 29, 2018








A New Approach: Co-Development of a New Fiscal Relationship Between Canada And First Nations









Regional Engagement Summary Report








Education Funding: From Grants & Contributions To Statutory







AFOA Canada’s Recommendations on New Fiscal Relationship

AFOA Canada has recently completed an extensive survey on issues related to current administration of INAC federal grant and contribution programs and outlines recommendations to improve the current system.  Please find attached a link to the report and a summary of the recommendations.  Focus groups were held across the country along with an on-line survey of AFOA Canada members to gather qualitative data for report development.

Read the Final Report Recommendation Summary






Towards a Government to Government Fiscal Relationship

A discussion paper on moving towards a government to government fiscal relationship prepared by Temixw Ltd for the First Nations Summit – May 2017.







Engagement First Nations & Invitation to Complete Survey

INAC’s description of how they want to engage First Nations related to New Fiscal Relationship. The intention is to gather feedback on building a new approach for mutual transparency and accountability between First Nations and the Government of Canada.






Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs
– Default Prevention and Management

The Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs has recently tabled its report on Default Prevention and Management. The report has some interesting recommendations that speaks to the need for funding flexibility and support for FN financial institutions.




MP Yvonne Jones speaks to First Nations
Transparency and Accountability




Results from dialogue session, “Defining a new First Nations fiscal relationship with the Crown” – June 2017