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First Nations Band Management & Best Practices

Workshop goals & topics

Many Band managers and First Nations staff strive to meet members’ needs and respond to administrative and financial challenges with limited resources.

AFOA BC has developed a workshop to help First Nations managers, councilors and finance personnel manage effectively within existing resources. The two-day program covers best practices in key areas of First Nations management responsibility. Participants will learn about:



·   Time management – Find out how to increase efficiency, promote team building, avoid pitfalls and prevent burnout

·   Strategic planning – Discover how to identify strategic directions and goals, develop a plan to accomplish these objectives, monitor progress and evaluate success

·   Managing human resources – Review the importance of employment policies/procedures, legal issues, the Band Manager’s duties, and best practices in hiring and firing

·   Financial planning and accountability – Learn about wealth management for organizational success, capital project planning, managing a deficit, trust administration, and differences in annual and multi-year management cycles

·   Economic development (ED) – Discover how to create a community vision and economic development plan, identify ED opportunities, achieve tax advantages for First Nations, and finance ED projects

Who should attend?

·      First Nations leaders

·      First Nations financial managers

·      First Nations Band administrators

·      First Nations managers and employees

To arrange a workshop of for more information:

Contact AFOA BC Training Coordinator, at 604.925.6370 or edcoordinator@afoabc.org