2020 Band Administrator Recognition Award

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8th Annual Band Administrator Award

Presented by RBC

Presented To:
Collette Sunday, Band Administrator, Upper Nicola Band


Collette has been the Band Administrator of Upper Nicola Band for 7 years and she often shares her personal journey toward working within her own community, which involved leaving UNB in pursuit of higher  education with the intention of returning home to support advancing a strong governance structure for future generations. Throughout her career, Collette has
experienced the challenges and barriers of capacity building in a First Nation firsthand and continues to be committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise in First Nation Administration at every opportunity.
Collette’s dedication in support of all First Nations goes beyond speaking engagements; she also currently mentors two Band Administrators from other BC First Nations as a volunteer mentor, in addition to her busy role in her own community.
Collette was nominated for the Band Administrators Recognition Award for her demonstrated excellence in leadership in support of strong governance for all First Nations. In fact, she was nominated by two difffernet organizations!

From left: Wendy Ham, Executive Director, AFOA BC and Collette Sunday, Band Administrator, Upper Nicola Band