AFOA BC 2020 First Nations Salary Survey

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Find out how your organization stacks up by participating in the AFOA BC First Nations Salary Survey 2020

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Your employees are your greatest asset. Ensuring your compensation (pay, benefits, and perks such as paid time off) is fair and competitive is an important part of attracting, supporting and retaining talented employees in the context of your overall HR Plan.

The AFOA BC survey collects and provides compensation data for positions that are unique to First Nation communities and Indigenous organizations.

One of the key determinants of a good salary survey is a large sample size. The more participation we have, the more robust and valid the results will be.
So… show us your data!!

This year we have added a size category for First Nation communities and will report data based on small, medium and large communities. We have also added a new position; ‘Referrals Coordinator’, created two levels of maintenance workers and updated position descriptions where necessary.
Additionally, we have streamlined the questions to get you through the survey a little faster.

So what’s in it for you?

The report will be available for free to those who participate, a $400 value! The report is a useful tool when evaluating your compensation and benefits programs, assisting with salary planning and budgeting.

PLUS! Not only will you receive a free copy of the report, each participant that completes the survey by June 8, will receive a $50 credit to use toward an AFOA BC conference or training session!

Before you get started on answering the survey, we recommend that you have the following items ready for reference:

  • payroll data
  • employment policies relating to hours of work and overtime
  • benefits information

All particiapants that complete the survey by June 8, 2020
will receive a $50 AFOA BC credit!

We thank you for your participation!

Start the Survey Now!


If you have any questions, please contact the Jouta Performance Group for assistance:

Jennifer Biddlecombe – Email:, Phone: (604) 488-8885

The 2020 AFOA BC First Nations Salary Survey is commissioned by the Aboriginal Finance Officers Association of B.C. and conducted by the Jouta Performance Group Inc.

All information collected is confidential and The 2020 AFOA BC First Nations Salary Survey does not disclose participants, nor participant’s information. The data gathered is presented as an average in order to maintain your privacy and safeguard confidentiality.