About Us

Healthy, Prosperous Aboriginal Communities

Healthy, prosperous Aboriginal communities rely on effective leadership, solid economic foundations and a strong sense of community pride. This is the premise upon which the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of BC (AFOA) was founded in 1996.

We Are You!

AFOA is people helping people. We support the dedicated individuals working in the fields of Aboriginal finance, administration and governance. By providing the highest quality training and professional development, offering the latest tools and resources, and lobbying for our members’ needs, we work toward a vision of social, economic, and cultural prosperity for all Aboriginal people in BC.

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Our Vision:

Social, Economic, and Cultural prosperity for all Aboriginal people and communities in BC.

Supporting Effective Leadership.


To support effective leadership in the areas of Aboriginal wealth creation, fiscal management, administration, and governance.


Social, Economic, and Cultural prosperity for all Aboriginal people and communities in BC


  1. Professional development
  2. Community workshops and programs
  3. Training Conferences
  4. Prepared Tools and Resources
  5. Communications and phone support

In a survey of AFOA members, AFOA was ranked above average compared to other organizations that provide similar training. Receive discounts on all our services by becoming a member!


  • To advance the knowledge and proficiency of members through education and accreditation.
  • To promote and maintain professional ‘best practices’ in financial management amongst members through a code of ethics and conduct.
  • To represent members and advocate positions and policies of the Association.
  • To facilitate the development and implementation of standards for accounting and financial management which meet the needs of First Nations’ Organizations.
  • To affiliate with any other Association or corporation having similar objectives or with whom an alliance would be beneficial.